PHOENIX, AZ - October 2nd, 2018 - Arizona Anesthesia Solutions (AzAS), a leader in high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia management for facilities throughout Arizona, is proud to announce a new partnership with a national leader in Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, and Spine Health: The CORE Institute.

“The CORE Institute, with their focus on innovation, excellence, and outcomes - is our ideal partner” states Ali Baghai, CRNA, Managing Partner and Director for Central and Western Arizona. “Both AzAS and The CORE Institute are focused on delivering higher value while maintaining, or even lowering, cost at a broad level. As an anesthesia group composed of CRNAs, providing services for a network of facilities from Flagstaff to Tucson and from Yuma to Sierra Vista - that’s what we’ve been doing for facilities for many years.”

AzAS will be the exclusive provider of office-based sedation and anesthesia at The CORE Institute’s Spine Centers in the greater Phoenix Area.

“We’re very excited to begin our relationship with AzAS” states Vikas Khanna, Executive Vice President of Operations for Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), management company for The CORE Institute and other orthopedic physician practices. “We seek partners who understand our vision for transforming the patient care experience. AzAS is aligned with that vision, and we look forward to working together to improving patient care.”


The CORE Institute has been recognized as the #1 Orthopedic Group by Ranking Arizona for the past six years, and delivers integrated, comprehensive musculoskeletal and neurological care to patients from around the world. They are built upon a foundation of pioneering research, academics, community service, and a passion for excellence in patient care. The organization continues to be a leader in payor-reform initiatives, and it is at the forefront of systems-based quality programs which drive value and improve the quality of patient care.

Incorporated in 2014, AzAS’s brand of high-quality, cost-effective anesthesiology care has expanded rapidly across the state, now covering over over 60 facilities throughout Arizona. AzAS’s team has been recognized at numerous levels and has an established record of leadership within the industry and in scope of practice reform. AzAS is spearheading the much-needed effort to maximize contributions from healthcare providers to improve outcomes and drive down costs. With 15 full-time CRNAs and a total staff of over 50 CRNAs, AzAS has exclusive relationships at hospitals, ASCs, and offices throughout Arizona.