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January 8th 2017 - Arizona Anesthesia Solutions (AzAS), one of the premier anesthesia groups in Arizona, continues to develop educational offerings that benefit the facilities for whom they provide anesthesia services.  

As part of an ongoing clinical educational program, Joseph Rodriguez, CRNA, Director of Anesthesia at Tri City Surgery Center, and Randy Quinn, CRNA, AzAS Managing Partner, have offered courses on ASC preparedness for malignant hyperthermia and responding to hemodynamic and airway emergencies.   These presentations are part of a series of offerings to dentists, nurses, and anesthesia providers of all types that demonstrate a commitment to their clients to provide value-added services that go far beyond the administration of anesthesia.  AzAS is committed to partnerships that meet the needs of each individual client.  

Arizona Anesthesia Solutions provides anesthesia services throughout the entire state of Arizona, and is available to speak at conferences at lectures on a variety of topics. Their office may be contacted at (480) 420-4027 or INFO@AZANESTHESIASOLUTIONS.COM.