Our Mission

We are a team of full-service anesthesia providers dedicated to high-quality, cost-effective, and compassionate care.  AzAS provides expertise beyond the operating room: in customer service, accreditation, and procedural efficiency.

Our Vision

To advance the standard of anesthesia services in Arizona: upholding our core values while providing fundamental services to our partners in care: patients, surgeons, administrators, and staff members.

Our Values


AzAS is committed to high ethical standards and professionalism.  Our behavior reflects priorities of patient care and relationships.


Regardless of place, time, or setting - AzAS will assure anesthesia coverage for our patients’ and providers’ needs.  


We are committed to pricing that maximizes access to care while never compromising on quality.

Compassionate Care

AzAS’s leaders share a nursing background and thus are members of the nation’s most trusted profession.  We use our anesthesia knowledge to treat patients, but also a soothing touch; our work is not just a profession, but also our ministry.  

Cohesive Teams

AzAS works with diversified health professionals and we proactively attend to these relationships to promote mutual success.  

Full Scope

AzAS utilizes all team members to their full scope and expertise to maximize patient access to care and minimize costs to the healthcare system.  

Clinical Expertise

AzAS providers are nationally board-certified, trained in advanced cardiac life support, and maintain skill in light sedation to general anesthesia and surgical emergencies.

Accreditation Expertise

AzAS is committed to working with and ensuring that every facility exceeds all regulatory, accrediting and industry standards.