a new protection for our surgeon colleagues

One of the first questions we usually encounter when speaking with a new facility is "Are CRNAs really independent?  Are there any liability issues with CRNAs for surgeons?"

While this question has been asked and answered for many years with a "no" - according to decades of case law, liability in medical malpractice is an issue of control - none the less, the false perception persisted.  This was despite years of educational efforts demonstrating that if a surgeon did not control the anesthetic, they could bare no liability for it - and the fact that surgeons had in fact been held liable for anesthesia administered by a physician, when control was demonstrated.  

To correct this perception, the managing partners of AzAS decided to bring the issue to the capitol via their professional association, which they also led at that time.  Thanks to the efforts of a broad coalition of supporters, over 100 surgeons and dentists, and an incredible team of advocates at the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the effort was successful - and Governor Ducey signed into law first-in-nation language to remove this perception.  

There remains some outdated words throughout statute and regulation, but as Arizona state law is the the most influential language on scope of practice issues, an important step has been taken to remove this perception.  

Below is some of Arizona Anesthesia Solutions' promotional material.